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Product Details

Parry People Movers Ltd offers a range of products for different transport applications. All PPM vehicles use flywheel energy storage giving regenerative braking and high energy efficiency. Options available include variable passenger capacity, passenger access height, track gauge, external appearance and power source.

Click on the images below to view the full technical specifications, including options.

The Interactive Specification & Design tool enables you to view PPM products meeting different requirements of capacity, access height and external appearance.

Customised designs to meet specific requirements are available if required.

Click to read about PPM technology
Click to design your own lightweight rail vehicle
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Click for PPM 30/35 specification
Click for PPM 50/60 specification
PPM 30/35
PPM 50/60
Click for PPM 80 specification
Click for PPM 100 specification
PPM 80
PPM 100
Click for PPM 130 specification
Click for PPM 175 specification
PPM 130

PPM 175

Click for PPM Chassis specification
PPM Chassis

For details of how PPM technology can improve local transport, go to the Community Transport page.

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