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Passenger Comment

This page contains comments from PPM passengers.  See also Environmental Comment, Industry Comment, Political & Government Comment and Media Comment.

Date Comment Source
January 2010

“My sons Dominic (aged 9) and Thomas (aged 11) are rail enthusiasts - Thomas is particularly interested and has been nagging me for months to ride on the shortest shuttle service in the country.  Anyway... on the 6th of Jan 2010 at about 6.30pm the three of us went for a ride on the Class 139 shuttle running from Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town.
“I know this is a real working rail resource and would like to thank your staff for being so kind to my boys.  The lady guard was very knowledgeable about the Class 139 and its clever drive system. The driver allowed my sons to stand right by the 'cockpit' and see the operation of the train.
“Both boys really enjoyed this and the guard even took a photograph for us!  It was only £1.80 for the three of us and your staff really made it fun and interesting.  Thomas said it was his best Wednesday night ever!  Thank you again for making his night...
From an e-mail received by London Midland on 7th January 2010

October 2009

“We enjoyed our return trip over the branch and thought the vehicle most pleasant to ride in.  For a small vehicle, the climbing ability on the return journey from the Town to Junction was impressive, and it really was the highlight of our day to sample this novel new technology in rail travel.”
ADRIAN WILLATS in e-mail received by PPM on 11th October 2009

July 2009

“It gave me a great deal of pleasure to see your PPM coming into the station.  It embodies all that is good with a design of a transport vehicle: it is aesthetically pleasing, functional and energy efficient.  [My wife] and I both remember when you had an experimental unit running in the grounds of the Hall of Memory [in Birmingham].   I also remember attending a community type meeting where an important officer of WMPTE [West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive] laughed and made some sarcastic remark to my statement that this vehicle could easily revolutionise railway design and bring precious jobs into the area.”
KEN BROOKES in e-mail received by PPM on 15th July 2009

June 2009

“... This innovative, environmentally-friendly, futuristic mode of public transport [Class 139 railcars] will not only run at more frequent intervals than its diesel predecessor, it will allow far easier flat-level entry for wheelchair access and parents with baby buggies and be far kinder to the environment.  The people behind the development of the Parry People Mover, and now the operational staff who are going to run it, should be justifiably proud of their achievement to bring this innovative operation to Stourbridge.  As a local resident I am certainly proud to use it.  Why not extend it down the High Street to make our town something special?  ...  Public transport is really moving forward in our area.”
PHIL TONKS, in a letter to the Stourbridge News, 18th June 2009

June 2009

“It’s good, this little train.  Isn’t it, boys?”
A MOTHER travelling with children on the Stourbridge Town branch, 1st June 2009

August 2006
"I live in close proximity to the line that runs between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town and during the week am plagued with the noise made by the rail carriage that generally uses that line.  However, Sundays are a totally different situation.  Your 'People Mover' slips virtually silently up and down the line and almost goes unnoticed.  Apart from the benefits to ourselves and other residents of reduced noise, I would imagine that there is also a significant reduction in the amount of fumes and other gases that pollute the environment."
From a letter received by PPM on 24th August 2006
July 2006
"Yesterday my wife and I took a ride on your vehicle running between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town and were most impressed with the vehicle and the efficient service provided.  May I add that all the operating staff were extremely pleasant, helpful, informative and well presented."
From an e-mail received by PPM on 3rd July 2006
June 2006 "That's a definite plus. That's lovely!"
A PRAM-PUSHING MOTHER's reaction to PPM 50 railcar's level access from the platform at Stourbridge Junction, 25th June 2006
June 2006
"My daughter and myself had an enjoyable few trips on the Stourbridge service on Sunday 18th June.  Could you pass on my thanks to your excellent crew, especially your driver who spent at least one trip explaining to my daughter how the railcar operated? I found the railcar very interesting and would like to learn more.  Thanks for an enjoyable time and I look forward to the next generation of PPMs."
From an e-mail received by PPM on 19th June 2006
May 2006
"I think it's a brilliant idea."
"I really like it!"
January 2006
"Dear Train Drivers, Thank you for being so nice to us.  We enjoyed the train rides a lot.  Hope you have a nice day and a wonderful 2006 (well, all the other other years too).  We have enclosed some Kit Kats for you."
TWO YOUNG PASSENGERS ON THE STOURBRIDGE SERVICE show their appreciation, 8th January 2006
September 2005
"Having learnt that there was going to be a demonstration run of a special train [on the Wensleydale Railway] on 12th September, on that day we went on the first scheduled passenger service from Leyburn to Leeming Bar.  There, by invitation, we boarded a Parry People Mover (PPM) and rode forward to Northallerton terminating at a specially constructed short platform at Springwell Lane.
"The PPM is an innovative light railcar, about the length of a 14-seater mini bus and powered by a propane engine via a flywheel.  The vehicle has a half width driving cab at front and back, and good forward visibility for passengers.  The entry door is alongside the driver and the floor is level with the platform for easy access.  With bench seating down each side there is ample room for wheelchairs ...
"By design, the PPM is a light railcar, very economical in performance, easy to use and should be ideal for small numbers of passengers.  It looked a very smart, 21st Century design.  The destination blind front and rear was inspirational: "LEEMING BAR - NORTHALLERTON RAIL SHUTTLE".  Could be the shape of things to come."
S G PICKFORD, writing in Relay (newsletter of the Wensleydale Railway Association), Autumn 2005
September 2005 "I think it's quite an accomplished vehicle and has got a lot of future to it.  It was comfortable and went a lot faster than I thought it would."
MICHAEL KENT, PPM traveller on the Wensleydale Railway, quoted in the Darlington & Stockton Times, 16th September 2005
May 2005 "Very impressive."
"Clean, airy, efficient - would be a great asset to local commuting."
"Very quiet and eco-friendly."
"Accessible, light and airy, comfortable."
"Very clean and reliable mode of transportation."
"Excellent solution to transport problems."
"Quiet and efficient."
"An excellent idea."
May 2005 "The People Mover was very impressive. It was very smooth and quiet and easily coped with large numbers of people getting on and off."
DR PAUL COLLINS, CHAIRMAN & CHIEF EXECUTIVE. STOURBRIDGE RADIO GROUP, 3rd May 2005 - after experiencing PPM transport at the Chasewater Railway
March 2005
"It's brilliant."
"We're hoping to ride on it again!"
Appreciative words on a cold day from fortunate passengers able to travel in PPM comfort through a wintry Chasewater Country Park.
June 2003 "That was cool"
"That was wicked"
Loughborough Grammar School Boys, (after leaving Parry People Mover at Quorn Station
May 2003

"In September 2001 the Action for a Better Charnwood group had a day of displays and presentations on all kinds of transport, for European No Car Day. John Parry spoke on the development of his vehicles using the fly wheel principle. We heard this could be used to ease traffic problems in and around Loughborough."

"Naturally, I took the opportunity to be on one of the first journeys using a PPM 'tram' at Great Central Railway, on Tuesday last. An eight passenger vehicle was demonstrated at Abbey Park about ten years ago. This one could take 50 and provided easy access for buggys and wheelchairs. Such a vehicle would provide transport that is clean, safe and less polluting than road traffic. We have engineering skills, and Brush could make the Parry People Mover. Another local bonus."

"There is no 'quick fix' for our traffic problems but this device scores on a number of points. I lived in London for some years. Like most people I walked to reach my nearest tube station. Here, people could be dropped at their local station, by bus or car, to take a PPM into town rather than clog up the roads with cars, which then have to be parked."

" Is this a British invention which is going to be developed abroad? If it is, it would not be the first time we have let an opportunity slip."
Pat McLean, Loughborough

 April 2003 "First of all, many thanks for the invitation to come and have a ride on Car 12 at the SVR last week. It was good to see the machine in operation, and also to have the opportunity to look at the engine and transmission equipment. I was most impressed, in particular by the way in which the vehicle could be braked to a standstill with all that inertia being transmitted back to the flywheel."

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