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Making YOUR Transport Scheme Happen

Parry People Movers Ltd has received information about many new transport scheme proposals, both in the UK and abroad. PPM and its associates are able to respond to queries involving our products and services, but there is often more work that needs to be done to bring a scheme to fruition.  

On this site, we provide detailed information about how PPM and its associates can help in the realisation of transport products, including:

 Other possibilities include:

  • re-opening closed railway lines
  • introducing regular passenger services on existing heritage railways
  • park-and-ride schemes linking town centres to out-of-town car parks
  • emission-free distributor systems within shopping malls, town centres or leisure attractions
  • people-mover systems enabling visitors' cars to be parked away from leisure attractions and other delicate but popular locations

... and there are many others!

Whatever your scheme, there is something for you in PPM's product range

PPM's associated companies provide other essential products and services:

 However, there are several other things you will need to make a new transport scheme happen:

  • support from the local community
  • support from the local political authorities
  • funding - at least enough for the initial studies
  • the necessary legal authority
  • a viable business plan

PPM and its associated companies instinctively support all realistic schemes for improving public transport and so improving environmental impact, quality of life and local economies.


Page last updated: 18 October, 2007
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