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Community Rail Transport

PPM technology provides new options for local transport. Its environmental performance, attraction to passengers (including car drivers) and affordability mean that transport opportunities previously considered only for large centres of population can now be offered to smaller communities and rural areas.

The PPM mode is particularly suited to solving two challenges facing local transport planning:

  1. Implementing high-quality public transport in smaller urban centres
  2. Reducing the need for public subsidy by local railway services

With PPM, these two challenges can even be merged into one solution. Many local railways serve inconveniently-sited stations, where housing, leisure and economic activity have moved away from the local railhead. By changing the railway to light rail type operation using PPM technology, the service can be diverted off the existing route and on to streets, and brought directly to local people and businesses.

This is Lightweight Rail.

Using light rail techniques, the following is made possible:

  • frequent stopping points
  • realignment of the route to serve the way people live today
  • more, easier crossings
  • elimination of the severance between communities caused by railways
  • a more attractive, more acceptable and more affordable transport system

The concept works hand in hand with the growing Community Railways movement, now included in UK Government transport policy.

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The Lightweight Rail Connection

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