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Brochures & Leaflets

Click on a thumbnail below to access downloadable versions of PPM brochures and leaflets. All downloads are in the pdf format which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader installed, you may click here to download a free copy from Adobe.

See also Newsletter Archive and Publications & Presentations pages.

A new http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/pdf/pdf_logo.gifpresentation (12 pages)
Applying Foresight and Innovation.
A short presentation intended for the five candidates for the position of West Midlands Metro Mayor, to be decided at the Mayoral Election on 4th May 2017.

A new http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/pdf/pdf_logo.gifbrochure (4 pages)
Describes how Parry People Movers, the rolling stock designers, Pre Metro Operations the experienced operator of Class 139 railcars and Clayton Equipment, the seasoned locomotive manufacturer have joined forces to drive forward the project to create a street running tram like vehicle for town centres which cannot accommodate full size LRT systems but still need trams.

A new http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/pdf/pdf_logo.gifbrochure (12 pages)

Innovations Catalogue 2013 (5.95MB)
A new http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/pdf/pdf_logo.gifbrochure (4 pages)
‘HYBRID TRAM TRAIN SYSTEMS BASED ON AN EVOLUTION OF PARRY LIGHTWEIGHT RAIL TECHNOLOGY’ introduces the PPM Tram Train. Details how the established PPM concept can be adapted to suit the growing need for larger Tram Train vehicles. The brochure shows how the PPM railcar can be extended and re-styled using the basic structures proven on the Class 139, and how prefabricated stations can transform freight only and other lightly used railway lines.

A new http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/pdf/pdf_logo.gifbrochure (4 pages)
‘PPM60/CLASS 139 SUPER HYBRID RAILCAR’ describes the excellent reliability exhibited by our Class 139 railcars in intensive public service, and how these innovative, but now proven, vehicles can bring about a revolution in affordable rail transport. The Parry People Movers railcar is no longer just a bright, innovative idea, it is a proven product and friend to passengers and the environment alike.

A new http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/pdf/pdf_logo.gifbrochure (49 pages)
'PLAN OF ACTION September 2010'
Extraordinary changes are taking place in the economies of the world which have begun to alter societies' attitude to technology and the environment. One of the biggest areas needing change concerns transport in cities. PPM's achievement of the most economic and eco friendly ever rail service is now recognised as such. This document is PPM's plan of action to bring about worldwide take up of its system.

A new http://www.parrypeoplemovers.com/pdf/pdf_logo.gifbrochure (8 pages) ‘HOW WE HAVE MADE OPERATING LOCAL RAILWAYS AND TRAMWAYS A LOT MORE AFFORDABLE’ introduces the PPM lightweight railcar. Find out more about its hybrid driveline, dramatic reductions of carbon emissions, sustained reliability and the passenger experience. The brochure details how the PPM railcar can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Position paper (12 pages) explaining 'A New Approach to Local and Suburban Transport'.
Simple Question (3 pages) asking 'Why should only the fortunate few live close to a railway station'.
Pamphlet (4 pages) explaining how new intermediate transport modes open the way for the expansion of rail passenger services. 
Brochure (4 pages) describing PPML's supply chain partners and the PPM 60 project that is part-funded by Manufacturing Advisory Service West Midlands
Leaflet introducing the Community Light Rail concept
Brochure (four pages) illustrating the Community Light Rail concept made possible by PPM technology
Brochure (four pages) showing how PPM and its associates put new transport ideas into action
Leaflet introducing the PPM concept and product range
Pictorial brochure showing the operation of a PPM 50 light railcar on the Stourbridge Town branch
Leaflet (one page) describing the construction of depot facilities for lightweight rail at Stourbridge Junction


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