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Publications and Presentations

This page contains copies of published articles and other public documents produced by Parry People Movers. Click on underlined link to see the article, then close window to return to this page.

See also Newsletter Archive and Brochures & Leaflets pages.

Date Publication
July 2015 Lightening up the split ends - an article in the July/August edition of Rail Professional. John Parry makes the case for a 'small is beautiful' periphery to the rail network. Click to download the article .
PPML’s Chairman reviews changes to the company’s prospects in the aftermath of the global financial correction of September 2008.
Click to download 'Lightweight Rail: A New Approach to Local and Suburban Transport' position paper
May 2007

'Growing Interest in Lightweight Rail': information sheet illustrating lightweight rail in service and visits to Stourbridge by the Rail Minister and Shadow Secretary of State for Transport.  Click to view the information sheet

February 2007 Information sheet describing the lightweight, energy-conserving construction used for the depot building at Stourbridge Junction.  Click to view the information sheet
February 2007 'Travelling Light': information sheet illustrating lightweight rail in model form.  Click to view the information sheet

January 2007

News sheet recording the achievements of PPML and Pre Metro Operations Ltd on the Stourbridge Town branch in 2005-06.  Click to view the news sheet
October 2006
Slides from presentation by PPM technology licensors JPM Parry & Associates Ltd to Association of Liquid Gas Equipment Distributors conference in Hinckley on 5th October 2006.
September 2006
Slides from presentation by PPM technology licensors JPM Parry & Associates Ltd to Association of Community Rail Partnerships Rolling Stock Conference in Darlington on 22nd September 2006.
July 2006
Slides from presentation by PPM technology licensors JPM Parry & Associates Ltd to Railfuture Summer Campaigners' Conference in Stoke-on-Trent on 1st July 2006.  Click to view the slides as a file (424KB)
November 2005 News sheet recording the joint achievements of PPM and the Wensleydale Railway in September 2005.  Click to view the news sheet.
October 2005 Visual component of presentation given to All-Party Parliamentary Rail Group on 31st October 2005.  Click to view the presentation (440KB)
November 2004 Rail's Environmental Advantage is Deteriorating: A letter from PPM published in Local Transport Today, 18th November 2004.
October 2004 Publication: Talk on 'Intermediate Modes: Transport & The Environment' by Caspar Lucas, presented to the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Sheffield on 6th October.  Click to view the presentation as a file (439KB).
June 2004

Paper on 'Accessibility and Sustainability by Intermediate Modes' by Caspar Lucas, presented to the Summer Conference of the Association of Transport Co-ordinating Officers in Sutton Coldfield on 11th June 2004.  Click to read the paper.

Slide presentation of the paper.  Click to view the presentation.

February 2004 The February 2004 issue of "Tramways and Urban Transport" saw the publication of an excellent article by Caspar Lucas. Click to read the article.
September 2003
How the PPM System can provide Environmentally Friendly Town Centre Access.
Paper by John Parry presented to the Aston University conference on Traffic Calming and Accessibility to Town Centres, 16th September 2003
Sep-Oct 2002 Railway Strategies - Twiglet transformation

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