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Thursday 20 May 2010


Emphasis on low-carbon transport encourages innovation

The government programme published today by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition provides a positive framework for transport innovation aimed at reducing car use and maximising environmental performance.

West Midlands-based Parry People Movers Ltd is a leader in low-carbon transport having supplied railcars now used in full passenger service on the short Stourbridge Town branch line, part of the London Midland franchise and operated by Pre Metro Operations Ltd.  Since their introduction in 2009, nearly 400,000 passenger journeys have been made on the two railcars at Stourbridge with reliability of over 99% during the past six months.  The new railcars have enabled service frequency to be increased, costs to be halved and carbon emissions cut by two-thirds.

The government programme states that ‘we need to make the transport sector greener and more sustainable with support for new transport technologies’.  The government is also to ‘reform the way decisions are made on which transport projects to prioritise, so that the benefits of low carbon proposals including light rail schemes are fully recognised.’

Parry People Movers’ concept of lightweight, energy-efficient, hybrid-powered rail vehicles is proving how to minimise the environmental impact of transport and permits the revival of branch lines, the potential of which featured in both the Liberal Democrat and Conservative manifestos.  The same technology can be applied to street tramways without needing electrification – a major driver of cost and complexity.

The company’s chairman, John Parry, said: ‘Improving transport, improving the environment and improving quality of life all go hand in hand.  Our innovations enable better transport to be offered to communities that currently have a poor provision.  In particular, they point the way to affordable reopening of closed branch lines and new urban tramways – modes of transport that have been shown to reduce car use and so improve the environment for all of us, while helping drive the economy at the same time.’


  1. Parry People Movers Ltd (PPML) was founded in 1991 to develop rail transport based on a new innovation: the flywheel energy store, which allows vehicles to run extremely efficiently and to recapture their braking energy for re-use when accelerating.  The company's shares are listed on the PLUS Market (Ticker code: PPM).
  2. PPML's rail vehicles offer the quality of modern light rail transport without the need for electrical power supply, giving excellent environmental performance and energy efficiency at lower costs than conventional technology.
  3. PPML technology can be used equally on railways and on urban tramways.  The company’s vehicles are fully compliant with accessibility regulations.  The technology used in PPML's vehicles is licensed to the Company by JPM Parry & Associates Limited, a West Midlands engineering firm specialising in overseas development, innovative transport and energy/environmental issues.
  4. Two Parry People Movers railcars, known as ‘Class 139’, are used to operate all passenger services on the Stourbridge Town branch, part of the London Midland network, which runs between Stourbridge Junction and Stourbridge Town stations and at just over three-quarters of a mile long is the shortest rail route in Britain.
  5. The rail industry’s target for services operated is 99% and the Stourbridge operation has, on average, exceeded this target over the last six months.  Service reliability figures for the Stourbridge Town branch show the percentage of services run compared to the timetable with an allowance for an interruption to service during the day if required.
  6. Calculations by PPML show that the Class 153 diesel trains previously used on the Stourbridge Town branch emitted an estimated 810kg of carbon dioxide a day, while the new lightweight Class 139 vehicles from Parry People Movers Ltd have brought this down to 240kg per day.
  7. Transport contributes around 29% of the UK’s total carbon emissions.

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Page last updated: 20 May, 2010
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