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A flexible small-capacity rail vehicle for routes where passenger flows are relatively low but a high quality travel experience is desired.  Available in high floor configuration suitable for level access from standard height railway platforms, or low floor configuration suited to tramway use.  Flexible external appearance and internal layout.  Traction power derived from small automotive internal combustion engine for longer routes or from intermittent electric supply, requiring contact with power source at stopping points only (where stops are close together and zero emission operation is required).

Typical Details

Length 8.7m (PPM 50) / 9.6m (PPM 60)
Width 2.4m (excluding step plates if required)
Height 3.2m (high floor) / 2.7m (low floor)

Floor height above rail level:
Low floor configuration 0.45m
High floor configuration 0.915m

PPM 50 in high floor configuration

PPM 60 in low floor configuration

Click for printable specification
(.pdf format 306KB)

Passenger accommodation:
Typical capacity 20-25 seated plus 30-35 standing (variable)
1 wheelchair position
Seating to suit customer requirements

Primary driveline and transmission:
Self-powered vehicles Engine Ford DSG423 (propane gas or diesel fuel)
Primary transmission via gearbox, freewheel clutch and Tandler bevel box
4 ‘V-belt’ belt transmission to flywheel
Intermittent electric supply 70V DC motor (requires 20kW supply at stopping points)
‘Charge’ time at stopping points 30s, distance between stops up to 800m

Flywheel energy storage:
Effective speed range 1,000-2,600rpm
Flywheel diameter/mass 1m/500kg (self-powered), 1.2m/750kg (intermittent electric)

Secondary transmission:
Pneumatic clutch and Linde two-way hydrostatic transmission and gearbox to driven axle
Twin-axle drive optional

Regenerative service braking against flywheel via secondary transmission 1m/s2
Emergency braking by spring-on/air-off disc brakes 3m/s2
Air operated sanding gear fitted

Running gear:
Gauges 1000mm-1676mm
Wheel diameter 610mm
Rubber chevron suspension

Auxiliary power:
24V control and vehicle systems, 12V engine systems, independent batteries

Maximum speed:
65km/h on suitable trackwork

Minimum curve radius:
15m for 1435mm gauge vehicles; smaller radii possible on narrower gauges

Maximum gradient:
1 in 15 (optional modification for 1 in 10)

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