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PPM Powered Chassis Specification


  • Fully-functional powered chassis with driver's desk fittings
  • Features PPM technology flywheel energy storage system
  • Supplied for fitting to separately-produced vehicle bodies
  • Available in sizes equivalent to PPM 30, PPM 35 and PPM 50
  • Vehicle equivalent to PPM 100 produced using two chassis

Click for printable specification
(.pdf format 168KB)

Primary Drive Line (example for PPM 50 equivalent vehicle):
Ford 2 litre LPG engine
1 x 12V battery for LPG unit
Through Newage marine gearbox-Tandler bevel box and 4 ‘V’ belt drive to flywheel
2 x 12V battery supply for ancillary power
2 LPG bottles with electric change over
Alternative fuel tank with track side supply point optional

Flywheel & Energy Store (example for engine-fitted PPM 50 equivalent vehicle):
500kg 1m dia normal effective speed range 1000-2600 rpm

Linde hydrostatics through final drive gearbox, single axle drive
Second drive axle optional extra

Normal braking through transmission (i.e. regenerative) 1m/s 2 (2.3mph/sec)
Emergency braking through sprung on, air off discs at 3m/s 2 with normal adhesion
(Tread and or track brakes available if required)
Air operated sanding gear to the driven wheels

Running Gear:
Solid axle with wheels 610mm diam to tram or railway profiles to suit application
Suspension is of chevron type with coil spring optional

25-65km/h (15-40mph) through normal operating range of flywheel

15m-radius minimum for standard gauge, smaller radii possible with narrow gauge version

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Page last updated: 9 May, 2007
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